CSCEC releases CSCEC Algeria Sustainable Development Report

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Recently, CSCEC Algeria officially released the first CSCEC Algeria Sustainable Development Report. With four chapters of "construction quality, green construction, harmonious construction, and happy construction", the report systematically reviewed the CSCEC concept, actions, responsibilities and effects of sustainable development in Algeria. As a positive response to Algerian Implementation of UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the report showed that CSCEC staff members carried out projects in cooperation with Algeria, contributed to the economic and social development of Algeria and benefited the local people’s wellbeing.                                            


CSCEC Algeria Sustainable Development Report in Chinese, French and English.

CSCEC opened its Algerian branch in 1982. With 40 years of project execution, CSCEC has become the largest construction contractor in Algerian local market. The services of CSCEC Algeria were provided to 37 provinces and related to 16 professional fields including roads, ports, displays, airports, offices, hotels and investment, and near 400 projects were contracted by the company.


The North-South Expressway


Alger International Conference Center


University of Constantine


Aménagement Hydraulique de la Plaine pour 16,000 hectares


Boumediene International Airport, Algiers


Hôtel Shératon, Oran

In the days to come, CSCEC will overcome difficulties with its wisdom and courage, explore new space for construction, seek cooperation opportunities, and contribute to the more prosperous, opener, greener, and more innovative sustainable development of Algeria.

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