CSCEC contributes to the "rise" of the Olympic rings and ice-making in Ice Fan

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Recently, the hoisting of the main symbolic tower in Yanqing competition zone completed. In the past 40 days, more than 300 CSCECers took part in and completed the work at an ultra-high altitude.

The project was carried out in Badaling town, Yanqing district, Beijing. The project team made full use of the structure of the existing buildings for remodeling and design and added decorative designs and ice and snow factors featuring the Winter Olympics to the original solar collecting testing tower in Badaling town. As a result, the tower became a beautiful landscape in Yanqing competition zone and also one of the most important symbolic buildings of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


The total weight of the Olympic rings was 160 tons and the "five-ring structure" was composed of a body and a base. With the outer diameter of 12 meters and the inner diameter of 10 meters, the body weighed 51 tons; and the truss of the base was framed by steel in an "H" shape, weighed 55 tons and had a hoisting altitude more than 120 meters.

This symbolic tower featuring the Winter Olympics will be a permanent building after approved by the Olympic Committee.

Besides, ice-making work began in the famous Ice Fan.

On January 10, the 2022 Winter Olympics reconstruction project of the National Indoor Stadium (Ice Fan) contracted to build by CSCEC began its ice-making work on the arena of ice hockey events. With the ice-making area of 1,800 square meters, the work was planned to be completed on January 19. During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, 48 ice hockey events will be hosted here.


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