“A railway station in a forest”—Jiaxing Railway Station build by CSCEC opens

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Recently, as the south entrances opened gradually, Jiaxing Railway Station was officially put into operation.


In the summer of 2021, the north square of Jiaxing Railway Station has begun its operation. Since then, the north and south squares of Jiaxing Railway Station build by CSCEC fully opened, marking the completion of “a railway station in a forest”.


The newly-opened south square played a role in distributing traffic flows. On the western side of the south square, there are public transportation hubs and there is a tramway station on the eastern side. On the two underground floors, there are more than 800 parking spaces as well as parking spots for taxis and ride-hailing, which has effectively reduced traffic pressure.

In addition, more than 1,500 trees were planted on the north square, connecting the plaza in front of the station and adding green to the station. Whether on the ring-shape roof, or in the station, green plants covered every corner of the square. The surface of the station sloped nearly 90° like flowing water and cannot provide traditional planting conditions. In order to solve this problem, the project team applied vertical planting technology and greened the out walls, making green plants everywhere.

Meanwhile, the project team replaced soil with special nutritional bases, which provided a steady stream of nutrients for green plants, making the square green all the year like a city park and allowing the station to become  “a station in a forest”.

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