Let's have a look at the new landmark of Eastern Malaysia with CSCEC

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Jesselton Twin Towers built by CSCEC are the tallest building there in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, home to stunning sunset beaches, picturesque underwater scenery and unique cultural customs.


Jesselton Twin Towers project is located in the core area of Kota kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, covering a total floor area of 197000 square meters.

With a height of 192.15 meters, it will become the new landmark in eastern Malaysia and the tallest building in Sabah.

This project includes tower A and B and an attached commercial building. The Twin Towers are 56 storeys high, consisting of garages, residences and hanging gardens, and the attached commercial building has a total height of 3 storeys and it will become the first choice for nearby residents to go shopping in the future.

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The project is the first ever to implement the external climbing system in eastern Malaysia. A number of new technologies adopted, such as vertical transportation technology of super-high-rise garbage pipeline, integrated pipeline technology based on BIM, vertical transportation technology of hoisting and transporting platform of super-high-rise buildings, solar energy and LED energy-saving lighting technology, improve the production efficiency, as well as efficiency with lower cost.

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"I trust the quality of China Construction. I bought a house type C here and my family wants to move in as soon as possible so that we can enjoy the beautiful Sabah scenery at home", said proprietor Rachel Achuan.


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