• Comprehensive sports center project in Mauritius

    The comprehensive sports center is Mauritius’s first sports facility that meets international standard and the largest sports center in the country. Pravind Jugnauth, prime minister of Mauritius, and Ivan Collendavelloo, deputy prime minister, attended the inauguration ceremony. The center has been the venue for many significant sporting events, including judo and swimming competitions of the Indian Ocean Island Games 2019.

  • Panama National Convention and Exhibition Center project

    With a total construction area of 65,000 square meters and a capacity of 25,000, it is one of the largest and most advanced international convention and exhibition centers in Latin America, and the most important ultra-large projects for public well-being in the country. Upon completion, it will significantly improve Panama’s capabilities in hosting large conventions, exhibitions, and international events.

  • New Airport of Algiers

    The project comprises a total floor area of 650,000 square meters and a construction area of 200,000 square meters, including new terminals, elevated roads, parking space, a landing field, and a new energy center. Built to be a 4F class airport – the highest standard in the industry – and an aviation hub in northern Africa, it will serve 10 million passengers every year and contribute to the development of local economy, culture, and tourism.

  • Sri Lanka Southern Expressway Extension

    An expressway linking Colombo port and Hambantota port, it is known as the “expressway to happiness and wealth” among the local people. Through the project, CSCEC created more than 2,000 jobs directly and 20,000 jobs indirectly. A large group wedding for 19 couples was hosted by CSCEC during the construction period. The project department also recruited a team of volunteers to help students, teachers, and senior citizens living in and around the project sites, as well as the employees facing difficulties.

  • Doraleh Port project in Djibouti

    It is the largest port project contracted to Chinese enterprises in northeastern Africa, and CSCEC's first and largest overseas marine project. Phase I of Doraleh Port, with an annual cargo throughput of 7,080,000 metric tons and a container throughput of 200,000 standard units, provides services for docking different types of ships and handling cargos of all sorts, which largely enhances Djibouti's transportation capacity and its role as a container hub.

  • 237-kilometer road upgrading and maintenance project in Zambia

    Connecting central and southern provinces of Zambia, it is the first road traversing Kafue River Basin and the National Forest Park. The completion of the project ended the history of seasonal passing in Kafue. From then on, people were able to enter and exit the forest around the year, which bolstered the local economy. The Kafue National Park also saw a tax revenue increase of 120-150%.

  • The largest affordable housing project in the Maldives

    The affordable housing project in the Maldives is the largest project of its kind in the country’s history of the country. It is also the largest building constructed by a Chinese enterprise in the Maldives. This project is located on the island of Hulumale, covering a total construction area of 468,000 square meters. It includes 16 buildings with one floor underground and 25 floors and another floor undergroundabove the ground. Upon completion, this project can provide housing for nearly about 30,000 people.

  • The Park Road affordable housing project in Nairobi, Kenya

    The Park Road affordable housing project in Nairobi is the first affordable housing project of the Kenyan government dedicated to improving people’s livelihood, and is also one of the four major administrative projects of the president of Kenya. This project is located in the Engra district of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, covering an area of 32,000 square meters. The plan for the project is to build 1,370 affordable housing units and provide a demonstrative benchmark demonstration for the construction of 500,000 units of affordable housing in Kenya. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama separately visited the project, and both highly praised the construction progress.

  • The China-aided school project in Papua New Guinea

    Located in the south of Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea (PNG), the PNG and China Friendship School-the Butuka Academy constructed by CSCEC is a project implemented by China for the benefit of the people of PNG and constructed by CSCEC. The Butuka Academy includes departments ofa primary school, a middle school, and a kindergarten, teachers’ apartments, a modern football field, a multifunctional auditorium, etcand other facilities. It can accommodate over 3,000 local primary and middle school students.

  • The MISR EI Hurra IDEL School

    The MISR EI Hurra IDEL School built by CSCEC as a gift of the Chinese government is located in Shibin El Kom, the capital of the Monufia Governorate in Southern Nile Delta. With advanced infrastructure, the school is fully equipped with computers, projectors, audio-visual apparatus, and other modern instructional facilities, offering a very comfortable learning environment. Over the past decade, the school has grown into a comprehensive school learning facility that offers classes from kindergarten to high school, which and can altogether accommodate 1,092 students.

  • The largest livelihood water conservancy project in Ecuador

    It is the first water conservancy project CSCEC undertook after it entered the South American market. Upon completion, it can guarantee the water supply for an irrigation area of nearly 350,000 hectaores, which will greatly reduce the adverse impact of bad weather and benefit about 560,000 Ecuadorians. In this project, CCIEE undertook the repair of two dams, the demolition and renovations of five irrigation stations, the expansion of one pump station, the operation and maintenance of two pump stations, and the production and installation of 3,000 meters of water pipes.

  • The Dikgatlhong water pipeline project in Botswana

    The Dikgatlhong Reservoir is located in Central Botswana. It, which is the largest reservoir in the country, with a capacity of 400 million cubic meters. This reservoir is an important hub of the North-South Carrier water transfer project in Botswana. After it is put into use, it can will be able to carry more than 60 million cubic meters of water to the capital city of Gaborone every year, which will effectively alleviate the shortage of water resources in Gaborone and improve the living standards of residents along the pipeline.